The Trans-Russian: Baltic Sea to Caspian Sea Cruises

Only the Trans-Siberian railways cross Russia from West to East. Yet, Mother Russia has its unique waterways from the North to the South… From $4,600

Many have done the Trans-Siberian travelling across Russia by train from West to East - but the crisscross Trans-Russian itineraries are yet to be discovered by many... Our exclusive river cruises from the Baltic Sea to the Caspian Sea start just 458 miles from the Arctic Circle and approach the Middle East within some 295 miles - this is the distance between the Caspian and the Lower Volga port of Astrakhan in Russia and the borderline with Georgia, the neighboring country. These impressive voyages cover nearly all of European Russia from North to South. The river cruise ship tours 17 federated states of Russia - these are the lands of Russians and Tatars, Ingermanlanders and Veps, Chuvash and Mordovians, Kalmyks and Cossacks. Indeed, itineraries of each one of our Trans-Russian River Cruises cross the 'tribal lands' with stops in the cities of more than 20 cultures! We will cross several sea-sized lakes and we will sail the artificial waterways with a system of locks allowing ships to actially climb up the hills! This cruise combines our ‘Moscow - St. Petersburg’ voyage with ‘Great Mother Volga’ one. The crucial difference is that a Trans-Russian River Cruise 'From Baltic to Caspian' does not have Moscow included into the itinerary; however the capital of Russia can always be visited by way of pre- or a post-cruise extension. 

3 Top Cruises from the Baltic Sea to the Caspian Sea and to the port of Astrakhan, Russia

● Below is the schedule of Russian Volga River Cruises from St. Petersburg to Astrakhan and to Rostov-on-Don 
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