Tchaikovsky is one of the best and the most elegant ships of our fleet. Peter Tchaikovsky is world-famous Russian composer, and in total there are three ships that make for the elegant composer series of our fleet. The ship has been renovated several times; her major renovation has turned her to much upper class: ship has lost one-fifth of her passenger berths but incredibly gained in comfort and style. Facelifting is done every year, so the ship is kept all brand new. Continental cuisine and Russian Dishes.

Technical description

  • Length423.8 ft / 129.2 m
  • Breadth54.8 ft / 16.7 m
  • Draught9.6 ft / 2.9 m
  • Passengers260
  • Crew90
  • Main Engines3*736 kW
  • Speed13.8 kts / 25.5 km/h
  • Type301
  • Built1977, Germany
  • Renovation2011
  • RefurbishmentAfter each season

Staterooms & Suites


Room Size: 193.8 ft2 / 18.0 m2
There are twelve Suites on the ship. All have the best location on Boat Deck for excellent views of passing by scenery. Suites are one-roomed and spacious. They are furnished with sofa, wardrobe, shelves, mirror with padded stool and dressing table.

Junior Suite

Room Size: 150.7 ft2 / 14.0 m2
There are twenty Junior Suites on the ship. All are located on Upper Deck; all are one-roomed and are elegantly decorated. Furnishings: dressing table with large mirror and padded stool, shelves, wardrobe.

Dedicated Single

Room Size: 80.7 ft2 / 7.5 m2
Dedicated SGLs are cozy and comfortable cabins for solo travelers seeking modest privacy. There are eleven of them in total; seven are located in the front of Boat Deck. This is not so far from Panorama Bar - very convenient for socializing! Four remaining cabins are on Upper Deck.

Twin Comfort

Room Size: 118.4 ft2 / 11.0 m2
The ship has just three Twin Comfort cabins. All of them are located on Boat Deck. These cabins are a little larger than Twin Standard cabins, but just as Twin Standards they are furnished with wardrobe; bedside table; mirror with small dressing table and padded stool.

Twin Standard

Room Size: 96.9 ft2 / 9.0 m2
Twin Standards are comfortable cabins that are most common on the ship: they are located on Upper Deck and Main Deck.

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