Ukrainian Waterways & Cruising the Black Sea

Top 5 cruises from Kyiv (Kiev) to the Black Sea port of Odessa. Best Prices for 2020-21

Each of our Ukrainian cruises is a sail through magical Slavic hinterlands!
From $1,700

Ukraine is one of the largest and the most vibrant European countries. Cruising downstream the Dnieper River from Ukrainian capital Kyiv (Kiev) to the Black Sea gives great opportunities for exploring ancient and legendary trade routes of this fine country. The Dnieper River is the fourth largest river in Europe and is the main waterway of Ukraine. Ports of call are large cities and small traditional villages, all rich in culture and history. Ukrainian Black Sea Port, the fabulous city of Odessa is often called the Black Sea Pearl. The fighting and riding skills of the Cossacks on Khortitsa Island, the magnificent Monastery of the Caves in Kyiv, and ballet in Odessa are just a few highlights of these voyages. The Danube Delta is one of the most incredible highlights of our Ukrainian cruises because of its unique wildlife and stunning nature. Our experience and horizons will be also widened when visiting the village of Vilkovo that really is the ‘Ukrainian Venice’ at the Danube Delta. Learn about the great history and great people, whose wisdom, goodness, and hospitality have already become a legend!

● Our Ukrainian River Cruise ship is certified to cruise the Black Sea on the way to the Danube Delta and the Village of Vilkovo

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