Optional Tours | Ukrainian Cruises

City sightseeing is normally included in every port of our Ukrainian River Cruises. However, it is possible to spend more time in some of the river port cities of Ukraine - therefore we’ve prepared a selection of Optional Tours that can widen your travel experience and enrich it quite deeply. Most of the Optional Tours are arranged in Kyiv and Odessa and in the vicinities of these nice cities. However, we urge you to mind the Optional Tours at other stops as well - the charms of a Ukrainian hinterland are really worth the money paid!

Optional Tours are provided by third parties, they can be ordered in advance or purchased on the ship. Optional Tours can be subject to availability, some of the tours require a minimum number of participants. However, in most of the times the small groups are formed when already on the ship - and everyone gets the desired enterntainment. Solo travelers are welcome to contact us for and individual tours - we'll do our best to arrange them when it is possible. 


Optional Tours in Kyiv (Kiev)

Optional Tours in Moscow can be ordered by those trav